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Focus Area: Entertaining

I think entertaining stories are a "very big topic" that masquerades as light one. After all, so much of what we do--and the money-earning, relationship-creating, family-thinking, and house-designing aims us toward these moments when we can savor time with those we love. Celebrations are important, and we need more of them!


I've covered this extensively on Above & Beyond. A few examples: A how-to on setting a beautiful table, ideas (and downloads) for helping guests feel comfy in your home, a how to video on setting up a dinner buffet, and downloadable bingo cards for watching the Super Bowl.


Wow, did we work on a lot of these for Above & Beyond! I really enjoyed working on pieces like the "Make it a Party" series with Julie Hartigan,  which is all about making everyday events into occasions, on our tablescape inspiration pieces for holiday parties, and on how-tos for setting up parties to be hassle-free for guests and hosts.